Friday Night Lights: Televised

Nathaniel Valeika, Reporter

The Varsity Panther football team faced Blue Springs last Friday, October 2nd,   in the football game of the week on television. While the Panthers got a shocking a defeat at home it was still a great experience for the players and coaches. The efforts of the Wildcats prevented the Panthers from scoring within the final two minutes of the game.

“It’s one of the highlights that teams look for. It’s been six years since a home game has been televised. It’s kind of a big deal in Kansas City,” said varsity coach Tom Kruse.

With the game being televised, the Panther student section was at an all time high. Dealing with their 3-3 record so far this season and 0-2 record in the division, there were high stakes against the division rival.

“Good atmosphere. Always good here. Student section is always awesome,” said Coach Kruse.

Kory Linaweaver went 11 for 27 with three interceptions, which arguably cost the Panthers the win. Both of the Panthers touchdowns came off the rushing attack from seniors Carter Lanning and Baylee Custer. Defensively, both juniors Javon Tabron and Zach Sorrells had key interceptions, but it still was not enough to propel the Panthers to a victory.

In all, the Panthers suffered a tough loss at the hand of the Wildcats on television, but the exposure was amazing and they still played pretty well only losing 14-21. There is still much excitement for Panther fans, even though the Panthers are 0-3 in the division and 3-4 all together. The Ray-Pec Panthers football team still has very high hopes going into this week’s game against Lee’s Summit at home.