Opinion: Snow daze: the good vs. the bad


Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels

Hannah Schulze, Business and Marketing

With the abnormal amount of winter weather this year, the school has had a lot of snow days. A complete week of school has not been in session since the third week of January this year. For many, snow days are loved for giving students and teachers time off, but for others snow days are seen as boring and a curveball to the school schedule. While most of the seniors enjoy the time off that they do not have to make up, other students would rather have more time off during their summer break. This is because of the hazardous road conditions, resulting in people being stuck in their houses and not able to go out and do things that they were planning on doing. So far this year, school has been out of session due to inclimate weather January 14, 23, and 30; as well as February 7, 8, 15, 20 and 27. This is not including the couple of days off last November, the 26 and 27. After so many, students are seemingly getting tired of this bad weather and their countless amount of days off from school. Most students were surprised in the amount of days given off this year because of the schools past history of very little to virtually no snow days. Some students and teachers discussed their concerns about the increased amount of winter weather, several referring to the recent snow in Los Angeles, California. Some believe this is due to global warming, and see fit that more people need to be aware. This being another reason that people are not favoring the snowy days here as well. Asking others about this theory, many disagreed, not seeing global warming as a reason for the change in weather. Despite which way one leans towards, the weather in Missouri has lead to many changes in the school’s schedule, affecting everyone whether that be positive or negative.