Opinion: Is it important to be involved?

Savannah Wolff, News Magazine Copy Editor

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Students are involved with many activities throughout their lives from sports, clubs, and academics, though there are some that are not involved at all. Through a couple of surveys taken by students eighty-nine percent are involved at school, and out of that eighty-nine percent sixty-seven percent are in sports.

These surveys were created and sent out to find out if it is important for students to be part of programs within the school that are past just being enrolled like the rest of the student body. It seems that it is important to be involved for the instance that majority said they are involved in some way at the school. Being part of the different programs opens the students up to new hobbies that they could take on and even careers that would never had crossed their minds in the first place. Also some clubs like SADD and sports were created to help the school instead of just helping themselves. These programs give students goals in their lives and outlets to help them breath from school when it feels like they are being brought down to their knees. However important being a part of the many programs, there is a ten percent of students that are right now not part of this benefit.

Being part of a program outside of school can seem overwhelming for students for instance those already trying to balance their work, school, and personal life on a daily basis. Adding a sport or club into the mix can seem not even possible, for there are factors like the meeting times, the events, and even if the students in the club are never met the outside individual. Though it might be complicated or even stressful trying to figure this all out. These programs are not meant to add additional frustration upon the students. Taking a breath and going through the factors, and even just trying to go during one meeting can help figure out if maybe it would help the student or be detrimental to them.  

Being part of the programs is important for the students despite the positive and negative connotations that are spread around about them. Each student is unique and meant to play some part in the complicated mixtures. No one around the school is walking around without a purpose that they could fulfill in these programs it is just finding the one that fits them the best, and makes them happy.