Difficult decision of staying or going


Sammy Como, reporter

ACT or SAT is a big thing that most colleges look at when a student applies to a college. With it being a huge ordeal, there are days that prepare students for taking the ACT or SAT, which are called prep super test days or career/college readiness day in the fall. Students in Cass or Summit Tech have the option to do the prep super test days or go to Cass or Summit tech, unlike other students.

Cass or Summit Tech is a career readiness program that allows students to go to Harrisonville or Lee’s Summit high school which helps students get a head start into what their career is like. Senior Lucas Tracy has been in the Cass program for 2 years now and feels like Cass majorly helps in getting students ready for certain jobs.
“I am in the EMT program and there’s a fire program, a nurse program, and an automotive program and it actually helps prepare people for the future unlike some high school classes,” said Tracy.

Having to choose between doing the prep super test day and going to Cass or Summit Tech is a tough choice for those students involved in the programs. Senior Allyson Wisely is involved in Cass and chooses to do Cass over the prep super test days.
“I went to Cass because everyday we do things in class and we learn a bunch of things and if I missed a day, I feel like I would lose something important,” said Wisely.

Since there is an option to do the pre super test day or go to Cass or Summit Tech, the school has made the pre ACT available to students that were not able to take it. Counselor Laurie Cantrell likes that the pre ACT is accessible to students so that they can work on it at home.
“It depends on the student if they want to stay or not. The school already made accounts for everyone and every student is able to take the practice ACT at any time. They could still do it at home and go to the program to access the pre ACT later,” said Cantrell.

Having the option to do Cass or Summit Tech or the prep super test day use to not be an option. For Tracy when he was a junior, he was forced to do the prep super test days instead of going to Cass or Summit Tech and Tracy remarks on how he does not like to miss Cass days.
“We had to stay here last year, but this year they had the option. I was so upset last year because if you think about it, you are their for 3 hours which equals to having 3 three classes, so we missed out for 3 hours and there is no point to hold us back,” said Tracy.

Since students are not required to go to the prep super test day this year, there are options at Cass/Summit Tech that helps make up for it. Wisely likes that their are options to help her prepare for the big tests that colleges look at.
“Through the Cass program we also have English and math classes and we learn skills through that and we learn essay skills and basic math skills without a calculator,” said Wisely.

Cass is something that Tracy likes a lot, not only for what they teach him everyday, but also the people that go to Cass, which makes him feel like missing the prep super test day is not going to affect him. People from different school districts like Harrisonville and Lee’s Summit high school are also included in the Cass program and this provides students to interact with other students from different schools on a daily occasion.
“The environment and the people and everyone is really nice and I made a lot more friends than I thought I was going to. Also, don’t be shy because first day it’s awkward because kids from all over come and you don’t expect to get to know anyone, but you do,” said Tracy.

On the real super test day in the spring, students from Cass and Summit Tech are required to stay to take the test. Some students from Cass and Summit Tech do complain about this, but Cantrell explains that there are many benefits for staying for the super test day.
“Depending on the plans of the student. If you are taking it to college, then you get a free ACT or get to take the accuplacer or ASVAB for military. Most students at first don’t want to stay because Cass and Summit Tech are great programs, but once they realize the benefits of it, they are more willing to stay. It is free and for the ACT on your own is at least 50 dollars and military comes here and it is a great opportunity,” said Cantrell.

The prep super test day is an option to students that are in Cass or Summit Tech and many enjoy that they could have the option to do this. There are many opportunities in Cass or Summit Tech or the school provides that makes up for students in Cass or Summit Tech missing the prep super test day.