All-District Band results

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West Central Missouri Music Educators held All-District Band auditions, Saturday, November 3rd at Warrensburg High School. The West Central region had over 40 schools send band students. Ray-Pec had 54 students named All-District. Students italicized are All-District and will be performing with the Honor Band and are eligible to audition for All-State. The other All-District students will be performing with the Honorable Mention Band.

Allan, Gracie

Allen, Meghan 2nd alt. 7th chair alto sax

Altreche, Bailey

Brannan, Nathan

Brown, Cecilia 5th chair clarinet

Brown, Zane 3rd chair trumpet

Bruflat, Elaina

*Buckley, Sage 2nd chair clarinet

Camp, Josh

Carlson, Maggie 5th chair Alto Sax

Cerda-Galeassi, Gabe 22nd alt. trombone 11th chair

Chapman, Noah 1st alternate 25th chair

Clapp, Stephen

Coleman, Ivory 6th chair trombone

Craig, Eden

Elliott, Justin 4th chair French horn

Fleak, Kelly

*Glass, Rebecca 1st chair baritone

*Grier, Kiersten 2nd chair tuba

Haffner, Emma

Howlett, Lucian 4th chair Snare Drum

Jathaul, Zaran 3rd chair Snare Drum

Jungling, Collin

*Jungling, Katelynn 2nd chair baritone

Kampe, Clarissa 6th chair tuba

Keys, Jack 4th chair clarinet

King, Ethan

*Manning, Lilah 2nd chair flute

McCamish, Madison

McElfresh, Lindsey 1st alternate 9th chair

McGinn, Dianna 4th chair trombone

*Mitchell, Aeryn 1st chair bassoon

Moreland, Braeden 3rd chair bass clarinet

Palmer, Lucas

*Paszkiewicz, Zach 2nd chair trumpet

Pritchard, Cloey 1st alt. tenor sax 3rd chair

Reeser, Serena

Laine, Schmalzried

Schroeder, Jay 3rd chair Alto sax

Scott, Cheyanna 2nd alt. 4th chair mallet percussion

Sloan, McKenna

Smith, Hayden 2nd alt. 13 chair trumpet

Stewart, Matt

Story, Austin

Sueltz, Logan 17th chair clarinet

Tilawen, Devin 16th chair clarinet

Torres, Isabela 9th chair clarinet

*Vitti, Tristan 1st chair tenor sax

Wagner, Blake 3rd chair trombone

Westhues, Colten 24th chair clarinet

*Wilhite, Cate 1st chair oboe

*Yang, Tammy 1st chair Mallet Percussion

*Yang, Tammy 1st chair Timpani Percussion

Yarger, Desray