Why students should join SLT

Savannah Wolff, Reporter

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Savannah Wollf
Staying on topic, Keeping control of his class, Mr. Barbarick tries to ready his class for the lesson that McCullough, Bayers, and Nicki Stackelbeck are going to teach. The Lesson was over Perseverance.

The gym crowds with students from one end of the bleachers to the other, voices fill the empty air. Standing in front of them all are a group of students, who are otherwise known as Student Leadership Team.

SLT is a group of students who try to interact with the community whether it be at schools or at local events. Senior Austin Moulder chose to try and join SLT due to this fact.

“I joined just for the whole idea that we could interact with this community and not just the school community but the community as a whole,” said Moulder.

Despite it being a large group, a person does have to apply for SLT. The process is the same for everyone, whether it was difficult or easy, really depends on the person and their thoughts or skills. For Moulder, he found the process to be as easy as one, two, three.

“The process was relatively easy, I mean really all you have to do is go to a Google form and fill out a few questions and write a paragraph or two,” said Moulder.

Being part of SLT also has it’s advantages like gaining experience and becoming more interactive which is a big part of what this group does.

“A really big part of SLT is the fact that they push you to interact with people you would not normally go and engage with, they do this through things like color schemes which is assigning certain colors to certain personalities,”  said Moulder.

Communicating with the world is a big part of what SLT pushes for, because being human means interacting and talking with others and not being in isolation.

“SLT helps you a lot with communication and spreading positivity constructively,” said Moulder.

Senior Sarahann Marsh is also part of SLT alongside of Moulder, she has found that not only does it help students outside of the group like middle school but also is a great thing for teenagers and those who can join to experience.

“It’s been a good experience, I think it’s cool when we go to the intermediate schools and get to see the kids get excited at seeing us,” said Marsh.

A lot of the members had doubts going into SLT, some ranged from just worried about the workload and balancing it or nervous about the interview and how scary it was going to look like.

“The scary part was probably the interview because it seemed a little intimidating. Even just talking in front of the freshmen for the first time but now it’s not really that big of a deal,” said Marsh.

With being able to sign up, sophomores are flooding the Google forms to get a chance to join SLT, one of these individuals is sophomore Zoey Norton who has been thinking of joining SLT.

“I’ve thought about joining because SLT looks good to college and I have always been curious about what they do,” said Norton.

There are a few sophomores who are not sure if they should join SLT or if they can balance the workload with regular school activities. Though some advice that Moulder can offer is that they need to do for themselves and let it be what they want.

“Don’t do it for hours because then you’re just wasting your time and wasting their time, do it because you actually want to unify the Ray Pec community,” said Moulder.

Student Leadership Team for this year has come to a close but their doors wait to open and invite the new members of next year. SLT is here to help those younger and older than themselves and give shelter to those who are lost. They will continue to support this wish, hand in hand. taking each step at a time; together as one.

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Why students should join SLT