The new mural

Samantha Como, Reporter

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Senior Savannah Phibbs painted a mural at Timber Creek for nurse Jamie Bogner, in her office with Timber Creek’s mascot, a Jaguar, and with a nurse’s hat on its head.

Bogner had wanted a student to paint a new mural in her office for a long time and was glad that Phibbs volunteered when art teacher Amy Hellums introduced her to the opportunity.

“The nurse there had asked me a couple years ago for students to come over to paint over the mural because it was fading away and the problem with that is that the school doesn’t allow people to drive from school to school, it’s a safety precaution. So the nurse needed someone that would be able to do it on their own time and Savannah volunteered to do it,” said Hellums.

During art class, Phibbs was given the opportunity to do something that she has never done before, which was paint a mural at Timber Creek.  

“I was apart of a new project and Mrs. Hellums set it up for me because the Timber Creek nurse wanted the painting at the wall over in her office to be covered up by something else,” said Phibbs.

Once Phibbs knew that she was going to be painting the new mural, she started to reach out to the nurse to get more specific details about painting the mural.

“We talked about it before summer got here and talked about how nurse wants it to look and I got them each others phone numbers so they could communicate and they talked,” said Hellums.

The new mural was something that the kids that go to Timber Creek and the nurse love to see everyday.

“I love looking over and seeing this beautiful and fun addition to my office,” said Bogner.

Phibbs felt like painting the mural would be something special for her and the kids that go to Timber Creek, since she went their when she was a kid.

“I went to Timber Creek and the mascot is a jaguar and I feel a connection to it because I went to that school and I hope to inspire other kids to get into art or at least try it,” said Phibbs.

Once the mural was done, Bogner was very happy to see the finished product and she admires it very much.

“I love the Jaguar!!  She is so adorable. Savannah made the Jaguar look very life like. She, the Jaguar,  has excellent shading and looks like she could just crawl out of the wall,” said Bogner.

Even though that the finish product was something that the nurse adored, their were challenges for Phibbs when painting the mural.

“The paints weren’t mixing together and the wall paint and the acrylic paint wouldn’t mix well and kind of made a green color and I couldn’t work on it the entire summer. I could only work on it while the school was in session, which was only 2 weeks after school ended and 2 weeks before school started. I also went traveling in July and went to a college visit, so that was also challenging,” said Phibbs.

The new mural at Timber Creek was something that Hellums enjoyed a lot and was glad that Phibbs volunteered to paint the new mural based on the end result.

“Happy that she was happy to do it and the nurse said that she did a great job,” said Hellums.

When working on the mural for 4 weeks, Bogner and Hellums really enjoyed the outcome. Phibbs was happy to personalize the jaguar with a nurses hat to make Bogner like the result even more and would do it again if she was given the chance.