Snowman’s decision

Madie Young, News Magazine Assistant Editor

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Thanksgiving break was extended two days because of a large snow storm. The district decided to cancel school because of unsafe road conditions and inclement weather.

Dr. Kari Monsees has been the superintendent for six years. He works with the school board and the bus company to review the various factors that would cause school to be cancelled.  

“We focus on the conditions of our facilities (sidewalks, parking lots, heating systems), road conditions across the district, and forecast projections for future weather conditions,” said Monsees.

Ice is most often a bigger challenge then snow itself. Ice causes the roads to be slippery and causes accidents during commutes.

“The potential for ice in our area is the greatest weather challenge, as small amounts can cause a great deal of problems.  I am also concerned that our high school students are generally not very experienced at driving in less than ideal road conditions,” said Monsees.

Physical Education teacher, Nicki Dudek also enjoys the extra time given to her by the snow days.

“I love having snow days! I enjoy the quality time with my kids and my tv. I usually watch shows I’m behind on and watch my kids play in the snow,” said Dudek.

Snow days are a chance for students and faculty to enjoy a day off of school, however they can cause scheduling problems when making up the lost instructional time.

“The only drawback is making the days up.  If we end up with a ton of them, they are tacked onto the end of the year and then I don’t have a break from the regular school year and summer school,” said Dudek.

Since school was out senior Avery Perry chose to go sledding on one of the days with a group of friends.

I decided to go sledding with friends because I remember doing it as a kid and it seemed like a good memory to make with my favorite people,” said Perry.

A school day is only cancelled when necessary even if the additional time off is relaxing or exciting. Dr. Monsees and the other adults responsible for choosing whether to cancel school or not try to make the best decision for the safety of the students and staff.