The real superhero: a tribute to Stan Lee

Jennifer Aguilar, Assistant Editor

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To all the Marvel Fans, on November 12, 2018, the core of the franchise we all have come to know and love, unfortunately passed away. To the ones who were not invested in the movies, comics, and stories created by Mr. Stan Lee, his impact on the world will never be forgotten, and the characters he’s developed in his lifetime will always be known as his own. Stan Lee not only made an entire world of characters and storylines that millions would invest their lives in understanding, he inspired an audience as young as six years old, to as old as seventy. The world of Marvel, covers the walls of children’s rooms, stamps large build boards in the city, and occupies shelf space in one’s office. Marvel has inspired people with these characters with incredible abilities, going through what seems as impossible challenges, and the movies all connect together in one way or another. Fans look forward to the stream of movies, and stacks of comics, fans line up at comic con to see their favorite characters come to life. Fans stay in the movie theater after a movie ends because they know at the end of a Marvel movie, there is a hinted scene for the next film.  All these things were born due to Stan Lee’s great mind. A farewell to Mr. Stan Lee, the real superhero.