REC-reating Raymore

Jack Patton, Sports editor

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Uses for the New Raymore Activities Center

Communities like Belton have multipurpose gymnasiums for the community to use. Raymore is now equipped with the new Raymore Activities Center at Rec Park. With multiple uses for the new center, the community and Parks and Rec superintendent, John McLain is excited about the positive change.

“The new Raymore Activity Center was decided with City Council to fill the need for the department and the community,” said McLain.

With the indoor gym area, local teams can use the gym to hold practices when the weather is not cooperating. Building Champions coach Nate Olson has used the Center for practices before.

“We’ve used the new activities center a few times when it was raining and I plan on using it for winter batting practices when it starts to get colder,” said Olson.

The new activity Center will be a helpful new addition to the community, senior Saunders Charpie knows the gym will be useful when it is too cold outside.

“I’m excited for the new building because it will add another gym in the area and the schools and community could really use another gym. It will also be nice to go up there when its raining or too cold to hoop at the outdoor courts,” said Charpie.

Along with another gym, the new center will also replace the Park House that was used for summer camps, the old park house will be replaced with a new park shelter.

“Another reason the facility was needed now is because we started to have higher maintenance costs at the park house and so this building is also created to replace the park house,” said McLain.

After the new building was finished in late summer it offers many new programs to not only kids but adults as well, and will house the summer camp there instead of the Park House. The new Rec Center can also be used as a temporary shelter in case of any damage from bad weather. Updates of activities at the new Rec Center will be located on the Raymore Parks and Rec Facebook page.