Raising money for a good cause

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Raising money for a good cause

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The Spanish Club is having a fundraiser to raise money for underprivileged Hispanic families and schools in local areas. The money will go towards bilingual books for underprivileged families and schools . In order to raise money the club is selling T-shirts and popsockets. Club members, Senior Jordan Mayberry and junior Magdalyn Carlson feel it is necessary to do the fundraiser. Spanish teacher and club sponsor, Heidi Lanksbury acknowledges the importance of having a fundraiser and helping those in need.

Lanksbury has been the Spanish sponsor for Spanish club for 4 years and having a fundraiser every year is important to her.

“Every year since I’ve been a Spanish club sponsor, we have made it a priority to at least do one fundraiser, “said Lanksbury.

The Spanish club has around ten active members, Lanksbury and the members decided they wanted to use the money to help out the less fortunate.

¨The Members want to use the money from the fundraiser to buy bilingual books for a school in need and underprivileged kids,” said Lanksbury.

Senior Jordan Mayberry considers Spanish her favorite class, she also loves Spanish club. She feels that it is good to help out those in need.

“I really like this because we are able to do something fun that also has a good cause. It will feel good being able to help the families and the school,”said Mayberry.

Junior Magdalyn Carlson joined Spanish club because she wanted to become bilingual. She loves that Spanish club is trying to help out underprivileged Hispanic families and schools.

¨It is amazing that we are raising money to support local schools that supports Hispanic families that are transitioning,” said Carlson .

Members of Spanish club are very excited and proud to be able to buy the books and supplies for underprivileged kids and schools. Make sure to buy a T-shirt and pop socket to support the cause by talking to any member of the club or Ms Lanksbury.