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All in the managing

Kylee Kingman and Connor Bradford

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Study time. In class, Cassie Kruse is studying for the upcoming test in science. The fruit cup sitting on her desk is the first, out of three in the school day. “No people are gonna think all I eat is fruit cups!” – Miss Kruse

The calm before the storm. Varsity prowlers led by Sadie Harmon are field marking the court for their performance later on that night. They had to practice a little longer than normal because a person was missing, so the group had to fix formations. “Volleyball field marking is harder than regular field marks because there is a net in the middle of the gym, but Sadie does a great job of fixing formations and keeping us all happy and comfortable” -Emma Snider

Be the leader. Sadie Harmon pointing out what needs fixed for the varsity prowler performance. This was the first performance at a volleyball game for varsity, the prowlers had been practicing this dance for weeks, the dance that Harmon choreographed herself. “Sadie is very good at organizing things and always making us work at practices.” -Kenzie Holbrook

T-minus 5 minutes. Just minutes before performing, Prowler captain Sadie Harmon runs through the dance one last time to perfect it. At first, the Prowlers had to practice in the dark gym because they could not get the lights on, after about 5 minutes of waiting, they got keys to turn the lights on. “When we were warming up in the gym, Sadie was helping motivate and prepare us for our performance. By the time we were about to dance, the team was ready and excited. As captain, Sadie is always there to provide encouraging words and help out with anything at anytime” -Kamryn Martin

Time management can be hard, but for students it’s critical to success. Students have to juggle sports, jobs, friends, home life, and homework.

Cassie Kruse is involved in golf, basketball, soccer, and she’s on the Board of the Student Leader Ship (SLT)udent Leadership Team, and on top of all of that she has a job at Sonic.  get.

“I love being busy,” said Kruse.

the reason is.Cassie has one main reason why she does so many activities.

“Because I love it, I love to meet new people!” Kruse said.

Cassie may seem to have all of her stuff in order, but sometimes it’s just too much stress,

“I just cry,” said Kruse.

Depending on which sport season, Cassie gets home in between 5:30 and 10:30 pm daily.   Even through the stress, Kruse knows how to get others included also.

“Get involved, if I can do it you can do it!” said Kruse.

Another ssenior with a full schedule with a full shedule is Sadie Harmon. At school, Sadie is involved in SLT, SADD, CORP, FCA, MADD, she is captain of the Prowlers,  and she also works at the Daily Grind. Outside of school, Harmon dances competitively at The Movement and Company, she also works at Wally’s, Pink Maisy, and teaches at The Movement and Co. Luckily, Sadie has friends to help her with all of it.

“Cassie Kruse, Chloe Richardson, Kennedy Orlick, and Morgan Sharp are my group of friends and we understand each other because we are all very busy, so we help each other with our homework and talk each other through the stress,” said Harmon.

Harmon stays on top of her grades and tries to keep them as high as possible.

“My grades are really good, I have A’s in all my classes. I stay on top of my grades by staying organized and prioritizing what I do. Also, get a calendar! They are so helpful!” Harmon says happily.

Sadie said something significant that should be stuck in everyone’s mind.

“I think it is important to be involved because I always want to better everything and everyone around me. I think it is important to help the community,” Harmon said.

Time management can be can bestressful. Counselor Eric Sclesky has been here for 19 years, he has lots of experience with time management and other issues.

Sclesky isn’t a freshman counselor so he doesn’t really deal with students who have time management issues.

“Since we have 11th and 12th, not such a big deal, more like college planning.” said Sclesky

Sclesky may not be a freshman counselor, but he can give good advice about time management.Sclesky was Sclesky has suggestion for people with busy schedules.

“Have a plan, just have a system.” said Sclesky.

What may come as a surprise to you, is students that get involved actually don’t fall behind as easily as others. So maybe getting involved can help with your time management. Students might see it differently, but most teachers will agree with the counselor.

“The busier kids usually do better in school.” said Sclesky.

If you don’t manage your time well, according to Sclesky, you can be kicked out of clubs and extracurricular activities. Managing your time links to grades, which links to clubs, and other outside activities. In short, manage your time, focus on grades first, and get to have fun at after school activities.

“Yes, if they have F’s they could be removed from after school activities.” said Sclesky.

Keep track of your time, don’t forget about your grades, and you won’t miss any of the fun in school.

Time management is an essential key to make your day as productive as possible. To make your day flow easily, prioritize, make a plan, and don’t procrastinate.

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