New Semester, new classroom

Jasmine Humble, Reporter

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With construction going on, a new hallway opening up, and teachers slowly making their way to the south building. Some teachers are going to be moved around.

“It actually wasn’t a choice of mine to move rooms. With all the construction going on, and they are going to be tearing out the wall between two rooms, to make one big classroom for another teacher in the north building. So by the nature of us combining two buildings into one, and by classroom not going to be here next semester, I had to be moved to another room,” said teacher Kevin Lemen.

Lemen is a special education teacher, so he gets a various amount of students everyday. Without knowing if the room is going to be bigger or smaller than his current room, he looks towards the positive rather than the negative.

“I am actually pretty excited to be getting a new room. Number one, we are all going to be in one building next year. That is something we have been pushing towards for the past few years, and it would be rather nice to be in a different environment, even though it is not going to be very far from my current classroom is. The worst part about it is having to pack up the whole room,” said Lemen

Some teachers are only moving temporarily, and have in fact seen their new room.

“I am moving to an english room for a period of time. The room is bigger, but it doesn’t have the equipment. It is going to be a major undertaking to get all set up and ready to go,” said teacher Tina Fultz.

With Fultz being a business teacher, she has lot of items in her room. So moving all her computers will be a hassle.

“I think the students will be anxious when I get the new room, because they are used to being in a routine of coming to the same place every time. Once they get settled in, I think they will enjoy being in a different space,” said Lemen.

At the beginning of second semester, there will be a difficult time finding the classrooms. The whole front office is moving. Some teachers from the north might be coming over to the south building. Eventually, everyone will be in one building. Moving at semester is a small step to that goal.

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New Semester, new classroom