Rodeo veteran

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Rodeo veteran

Evan Steers, Reporter

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After high school, some sports and clubs come to a sudden end. Families are started and careers are made. Rodeo veteran, Doug Fager, put his career on hold for his family like most adults do after high school and college. Family did not end his rodeo life, however it did put the dangerous sport aside.

Rodeo can be a dangerous hobby, from riding bulls to wrestling cows to the ground. Sometimes this sport can be a hard earned trait and difficult to master.

However for Doug Fager rodeo was a daily routine for him. His friends and family were used to being involved with the animals.

“I was always around livestock. My friends and I have the same interests we are, big into livestock,” said Doug.

In order to compete in rodeo it takes a lot of energy and practice. Being an athlete, Fager participated in as many sports as he possibly could in high school. Eventually the sports came to an end.

“It came to a point where I couldn’t compete in sports anymore,” said Doug.

Rodeo was the next thing he could participate in. Having experience with livestock improved his skill and technique throughout the process.

Fager knew how dangerous cow wrestling was and chose family over his time wrestling cows. Fager made the decision to take time off from competing, and spend time with a growing family.

However, this past New Year’s Doug entered a competition for the first time after 19 years of taking the time to be with his kids.

“I think it’s cool that he’s 51 and he’s competing with guys that are 21,” said Peter Fager.