Positive Posts

Cade Ricketts, Reporter

At the high school, there are a lot of clubs to keep one busy and involved. One club that has been trying to do something that can possibly be very positive, is the Literary Magazine Club. The Literary Magazine Club is putting student’s work on to an online platform to show to the students and parents.

Loren Columbatto is an English teacher at the high school, she is also the sponsor for the Literary magazine club . she gives more insight into what the Literary Magazine Club is.

̈ Literary magazine club is an online Weebly page and it accepts submissions for pieces of art, song lyrics, poetry, short stories. Students just propose something and if it is approved they will post it, ̈said Columbatto.

Columbatto feels that her being an English teacher made her want to become the sponsor for the club.

̈As an English teacher I always am able to read good writing and I feel like it was just sitting in theses students google drive and I feel these students just needed a cool place to be able to showcase their work̈, said Columbatto.

Senior Dalton Apel has been in the Literary Magazine Club since sophomore year. He loves getting to hear other student’s submissions.

̈My favorite thing is the fact that I get to see other perspectives that I wouldn’t have come up with otherways ideas, senses, emotions, it is about the exchange of ideas̈, said Apel.

Senior/junior Debrah Totten has been in Literary Magazine Club for three years. She is one of the presidents of the club.

̈ Ever month, we are doing a submission of the month as long as you send us something in we will pick a winner and the winner gets a two-dollar gift card to the daily grind and at the end of the year we will take all the people that won the submission of the year and do a raffle for some sorta prize that is not yet decided̈,said Totten.

Dalton Aple is one of the editors of the club. He makes sure to keep the work as intended while editing it.

¨I edited some of the submissions that we receive we don’t totally butcher the submissions we receive but we make sure that they look clean and the ideas come across well we want to keep it in the original voice that it was intended̈, said Apel

The club meets every Wednesday during panther time if you are interested. If you have a piece you would like to submit you can email Debrah Totten.