Senior video information

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Senior video information

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The Media 2 Classes are in charge of the senior video. This year they are wanting to make something original. The class is trying their best to make the video something the students can cherish forever.
They want to do a segment where we older videos are involved, such as videos of the seniors from when they were toddlers all the way to middle school.  These videos could include but are not limited to:
  • Kindergarten Graduation or old school functions they engaged in
  • Funny videos of them with their friends
  • Youth sports videos
  • Youtube channels
  • Singing or playing around in the house
  • Birthdays, Holidays, etc…
Any recent footage could looked at adding it.  The goal is to try to get every kid in the video at least once and not overdo it for others. They understand that a students senior year/high school experience is completely different from child to child.  But, want to try their best.

They’d also like to try to get a senior photos.  One or two would be fine.  If you have any of the above, send it to Brett Barbarick at [email protected].  Time is a of the essence, so the sooner the better. If Senior photos haven’t been taken yet, that’s okay those are easier to place in later. The goal is to have most of the materials in by Spring Break.