Stress of the shipwreck

Kylee Kingman

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It takes many different people and creative minds to perfectly work out the whole week of Homecoming. Teams like the Prowlers and cheerleaders help out with the week to get everything perfect. The Student Senate organization plays a major role in Homecoming week.

A lot goes into planning for homecoming week, not only the dance but everything that leads up to it. Junior Bailey Trautman, Vice President of the student body, has been involved in Student Senate ever since freshman year, and is helping to prepare for the dance this week.

“For Homecoming week, Student Senate mainly does the pre-planning for the dance because we don’t do the dance itself,” said Trautman.

Homecoming week can be hectic for everyone, but Student Senate has other fundraisers this week that make their life event more busy.

“Along with everything for Homecoming, this week we are also doing a fundraiser for Special Olympics – tape a teacher and student to the wall. Every strip of tape is one dollar and all proceeds go to Special Olympics,” said Student Senate sponsor Jeff Moore.

Some Student Senate members feel pressure because of all of the different activities to get ready for in a short amount of time.

“It does get stressful because there is a lot going on right now. There are so many events that we have to plan months in advance which we are planning right now. This week is also the college fair and we organize that and some people work it,” said Student Senate president Julia Fenaroli.

Even though this week is very eventful for Student Senate, it is not the busiest week of the year.

“Our busiest week is definitely Court Warming because we prepare for that just like we are for Homecoming, but we also decorate and prepare the Courtwarming dance itself, which we don’t do for Homecoming,” said Moore.

The parade is new for everyone, and Student Senate has full responsibility for it. From the order of the floats to the times and decorations, Student Senate is in charge of it all.

“There are people that have been working on the preparation of the parade since the beginning of the school year, we started pretty much immediately,” said Fenaroli.

Although Homecoming week is tough and very demanding for Student Senate, the hard work, time, and stress just make the finished week that much better. After planning for the week, a lot of members of Student Senate want to attend the dance on Saturday, and they realize the blood, sweat, and tears were all worth it.