Dissection dilema

Alexus Ausler, Reporter

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Anatomy is the branch of science concerned with the bodily structures of humans, animals and other living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts. Anatomy Teacher, Paul Carvan’s class he set up a lab where his students will be dissecting a cat. Two of his students Senior Katie Hays and Senior Leah Rogge gave insight on the lab, but Carvan changed the lab to dissecting rabbits instead.

“There is a nation wide shortage in cats for specimens due to no-kill shelters becoming more and more popular. The spay and neuter program also has cut down on the feral animal population that makes it into shelters,” said Carvan.

Since there is a nation wide shortage in  cats for specimens Carvan had no choice but to switch to rabbits. If there were not a shortage in cats the lab would not change at all, but since there is a change maybe the students can adapt to the rabbits instead of the cat’s, try something different for once.

“I have only ever dissected a rabbit, though if I had a choice I would have picked a cat. From the couple of groups in the class that have a cat, it looks easier to work with,” said Rogge.

Some students would prefer a cat. While working group labs or projects more than likely they want to work smarter, not harder. And maybe working with cat’s could give them a different point of view on dissecting, but they’re using rabbits instead and will hopefully get a learning experience out of this too. If only the shipment of cats came in.

“The company usually supplies us with cats did not notify us that they could not fill out order until I called in December,” said Carvan.

Sometimes when something needs to get done there might be a minor setback, with this situation Carvan did not let the shipment of cats get in the way of his class not doing the lab. Now they have to use rabbits instead.

“I am dissecting a rabbit but I would have preferred to have a cat because that is what the curriculum is based on, and what all of our worksheets focus on,” said Hays.

Some students would have liked to dissect the cat’s instead of the rabbits. The cat’s follow the criteria the students are suppose to meet while doing this lab. Perhaps doing the lab with rabbits instead of cat’s will let the students comprehend the lab more.

In the lab rabbits were used instead of cats, but all in all the students still had the chance to do a lab, but also get a new learning experience or perspective of dissecting a rabbit instead of a cat. Carvan’s class will start dissecting from late January to early April.


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Dissection dilema