• The calendar now shows the last day of school as an early release on May 31



As student journalists, we believe in the freedoms of press and expression guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution.  It is our responsibility to uphold these freedoms in a fair and decent way, for these freedoms come with a higher responsponsibility to strive for the highest standards possible for our work.

As writers, photographers, editors, artists, and designers, we as journalists have an obligation to respect our readers and their right to be informed. Always, thorough accuracy, fairness, and good judgement are our main responsibilities.

Statement of Purpose

As a responsible publication, RayPecNOW plays a role in a student, school, and community affairs. It will attempt to inform, entertain, and inspire its readers in a broad, objective, and accurate manner.

RayPecNOW also provides an open forum for the opinions of the Raymore Peculiar High School body, the faculty, the school, the district administration and people in the community. The purpose of the forum is to encourage the exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of importance and significance to the readers.

By students, for students.