Should teenagers feel judged for trick-or-treating?


Aubriana Ryan, Staffer

People have many different opinions on how kids should spend their halloween nights, whether it’s watching scary movies, or trick or treating with friends. Teenagers shouldn’t have to feel judged based on what they do one night of the year.

Some kids have different situations going on at home. Parents may feel that it is unsafe for their child to attend parties or go out with friends with no adult supervision. This may result in them staying home. Some teens might also have younger siblings they have to take care of, so they aren’t able to go anywhere else. Some kids may not be invited to other things, or think trick or treating just sounds more fun. Lastly, there might be people with underlying health conditions who find other ways to spend their halloween night.

Some teens might want to stay with their family. There are many different fun things you can do, including dressing up, and walking around your neighborhood trick or treating. You could even invite a friend or too, and siblings and you will still have plenty of fun. Some individuals may also just feel safer, and more comfortable staying with the people they trust like their parents, or siblings.

Others may feel like trick or treating is a good way to get a little social interaction and still talk to people, while still being with family due to social anxiety. Students’ opinions vary as they mature, and get older, on whether trick or treating is still cool. The fear of being judged or left out, often leads to kids finding alternative activities on halloween. Kids shouldn’t have to feel like an outcast for wanting to trick or treat, and they should know it is still awesome. . Many young adults think their peers will think it is “uncool” when in reality, you aren’t looked at differently than anybody else.

In summary, more and more kids are stopping trick or treating due to risk of judgement, and not wanting to feel excluded. Teens shouldn’t be getting judged by adults, or the people around them, whether they want to go to parties, trick or treat, etc. Doing what makes you feel safest, and happiest should be nobody else’s business