National emergency for a wall

Government teacher Joshua Henry shares his opinion on Trump's plans.

Jack Patton, Sports Editor

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Taking office back in 2016 one of Trump’s biggest platform issues was building a wall along the U.S/Mexico border that would cost five billion dollars. Fast forward to present day and the wall is still a topic in the news as Trump has taken actions towards building the wall. Government teacher Joshua Henry starts his classes everyday with top news headlines, this being one of them.

“On Friday he declared the Border a national emergency and this is how he is going to get around the legislative process and essentially free up funds that were designated to other areas to shift those to building the wall,” said Henry.

The opposition believes that president Trump should not have even had to declare an emergency to get this done. Texas senator John Cornyn  believes that the wall is a vital part to build up our border security.

Cornyn said he believes it’s important to move forward with the wall, citing drugs, sex trafficking and exploitation of asylum laws as among the problems at or near the border ‘I don’t simply … agree with those who say it’s a fake emergency or we don’t need to respond, ‘ he said. ‘I think we do,” (Star-Telegram)

Building a wall across the whole border is just not practical. It would take way too much money and time, and in the long run it would not really stop the drug trafficking and illegal immigrants crossing the border. Has Trump ever heard of tunnels? The money could go a lot farther finding new technology/ current tech to secure the border.

I don’t think that a wall across the whole border is the solution. I think this day in age we have so much reliable technology that we can use like high tech cameras and drones,” said Henry.

Along with the national emergency, government employees have had to face working for no pay during the government closing. The government is back open now, but who knows what will happen if the the national emergency is stopped.

“I think they are fed up with it, they’re trying to do their job and that gets put on hold and these people can’t provide of their families because our politicians aren’t doing their job,” said Henry.

This wall takes away from many things, like public schools’ funding, and other federal projects. The president violated his power by using a national emergency to fund the wall and use troops to help secure it. This money could go to much more useful project and fund that would help improve the overall lives of Americans’.