Made from scratch

Savannah Wolff, News Magazine Copy Editor

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Slowly the dough rises filling the house with a sweet smell, and the baker works tirelessly to get ready for her delivery. Junior Whitney Boll has gone through this process on her own since the beginning.

Boll’s passion for cakes did not start from a job at a bakery, or even as she cooked with her mother. This hobby grew around her, it started when she was a young girl.

“When I was ten, I wanted to make my own birthday cake,” said Boll.

She began to go beyond her family relations when she was younger, but still kept close to home.

“A family friend wanted me to make her son’s birthday cake,” said Boll.

Boll does not work within a company or beyond her family’s walls, as her business is built within her home.

“I work my bakery out of my home instead of in another building,” said Boll.

The recipes that she uses in order to create these cakes for others do not come from a cardboard box.

“I don’t use the boxed cakes, I use and make my own recipes,” said Boll.

Currently, she is not having to balance her job, and her business in each hand every day, but in the future, Boll has to find a plan in order for both of these businesses to run smoothly.

“In the future, I will have to have a plan before I go to work,” said Boll.

Unlike public businesses, Boll has to buy her own ingredients in order for her to complete a customer’s order.

“I have to make sure I have everything and I work with all different aspects of all different customers,” said Boll.

Boll does not only talk about her business to her friends, but also gets the word out through posting online through the name ‘Incrediboll Cakes’.

“I post on facebook and go to Raymore, Belton, and Lee’s Summit,” said Boll.

Despite how small her business is currently, Boll has big dreams to expand it further.

“In the future, I would like to own my own bakery,” said Boll.

Junior Amy Fish has been with Boll since she started her business, watching from afar as Boll worked her magic. Fish sees her work as something that came out of a fairy tale.

Whit’s cakes are so unique. I honestly haven’t seen other bakeries decorate and design the cakes like how Whitney does. I’ve watched her while she works on them and it’s like she sees the design in her head way before she starts to make it,” said Fish.

Junior Celinda Hefner has tasted and seen Boll’s creations and would turn to her for orders instead of a company brand.

“I would recommend her cakes because honestly, they are the best thing I have ever tasted. They are really unique and she tries to fit as close to her customers’ order as much as possible,” said Hefner. 

“I would recommend her cakes because honestly, they are the best thing I have ever tasted. They are really unique and she tries to fit as close to her customers’ order as much as possible,”

— said Hefner.

Running a business on their own can be a lot of stress on that person, however, Fish believes that Boll will not let this dream she has go.

“I guess I would tell Whit, don’t give up. I know people say it all the time, but it’s a real inspiring thing if you think about it. You should do what you love to do, no matter how difficult it could get sometimes, or what people say,” said Fish.

With other bakeries, there are many who make the business run smoothly however Boll does not have that pleasantry.

“I’d say Whitney’s business is different from others by how it’s just her making all the cakes and preparing everything. It’s pretty cool! Not many bakeries that I know of has just one person doing all the buying, baking, decorating, and delivering,” said Fish.

Fish herself hopes in the near future that Boll creates something extraordinary for her maybe even for her birthday.

“I myself have wanted to order one from her sometime or ask her to make one for my birthday party this coming year, it’s exciting to see what she comes up with,” said Fish.

Businesses are usually ran by adults who have the money and the degree to have a solid working place, however, for Boll she was starting from scratch without extra advantages.

“I am really impressed with Whitney starting all this on her own. Not many have the courage or ability to do that. She started at kinda a young age, not having a real job yet then, and she’s still capable to do what she loves doing,” said Fish.

Despite being a small bakery inside her own home, Fish sees a bright future awaiting Boll and her passion for cakes.

“Honestly yes, I think Whit’s small business could grow and has potential! I’ve even told her that I can see her owning a small bakery store in the future. I’d definitely go there a lot when she gets one. Maybe I’ll even help Whitney. After all, Whit is one of my best friends and I’d love to see her succeed in something she enjoys doing,” said Fish.

As a junior in high school, she is experiencing the work of doing what she loves. She still is determined to reach a future she knows she can have.