Staff Balls Out!


Story By: Rylee Pettengill , Photo By: Ava Kirkpatrick

Raymore Peculiar High school hosted another faculty basketball game on November 7, 2022. Belton teachers came to ball out against the competitive Ray-Pec teachers in the main gym. Both student sections were packed with excited students and staff as our amazing teachers battled for the win.

Many teachers participated in the game while others performed in the halftime show. Jessica Shelman, a math teacher, and coach at Raypec was thrilled to play in the game this year and planned to give it her all.

“I’m super excited and pumped. My competitive nature is coming out, and all the teachers have been emailing every day because of how excited we are,” said Shelman.

Performing in the halftime show, Joe O’Neal, a math teacher at Raypec gave everything he had to the halftime show. He danced with the Raype dance team and gave the crowd an amazing number.

“Oh, I am so siked. We are just going to kill it during the halftime portion, I know how to twerk now, I’ve got my groove thing going, and I’m also soulja boying. We are going to have the worm it is going to be the bomb, fo shizzle, you know it,” said O’Neal.

The high school faculty fought hard on the court, and after many falls and failures they brought in a well-deserved win for both the girls’ and boys’ teams. Shelman said some words before the game about her predictions.

“Belton has some people who have played before so it’s going to be a good game. Predictions for the score tonight are 55-41 Panthers,” said Shelman.

Although the Belton Pirates staff have a slight advantage with more experience, the Ray-Pec Panther teachers believe they can achieve the win. Off the court, the Ray-Pec student section was packed with students supporting their teachers. Amongst these students was sophomore Jaden Peek. Like everyone else who came and supported the game, Peek enjoyed the teacher showdown on the court.

“Pretty bustin ‘, it was a great game, they played well. We just made better plays to bring in the wins. I loved seeing my teachers play,” said Peek.

With great supporters in the bleachers, the Ray-Pec staff defeated the Belton Pirates. Although the game went back and forth, the Panther staff worked as a team to defeat the Belton Pirates. Overall it was a phenomenal game, fantastic job Raypec Panthers!