Career Expo Field Trip

Grace Minor, Reporter

Junior and senior students traveled downtown to participate in a career expo to learn about and experience different career fields.

English teacher Emily Craig made the experience possible for students. It was an opportunity for the students that she wanted to take advantage of.

“So in English 3 we do a lot of prep for students to think long term of what their plans are outside of school and we want them to know that their options aren’t just college. It was totally interactive and the students had an opportunity of meeting real life people in the career field and the students had the opportunity to learn applicable skills,” said Craig.

Some students took advantage of this opportunity to explore and see if a career truly fits them. Junior Jackson Weller went on the trip to explore his options for the future.

“I decided to go on this field trip probably to learn about the different jobs and experience them and figure out what I’m interested in,” said Weller.

English 3 teacher Kelly Cease was another teacher that went on the field trip this year, she wanted to see how the event would benefit the students.

“Career Expos give students an opportunity to learn about different careers and ask questions about their chosen field,” said Cease.

On the day of the trip Weller explored many of the different careers displayed throughout the expo there were some paths he was specifically interested in.

“I would definitely have to say a firefighter was the most interesting because they have cool trucks with the ladder and they save people’s lives, which is really cool,” said Weller.

The school provides many opportunities to students, helping them prepare for their future and explore their options in hopes the students would take advantage of it.

“Most of the students did walk around and talk to the volunteers at the booths but like with any field trip their were a few students that didn’t really participate,” said Cease.

Even though this was the first year this was an option teachers and administrators do believe that it is something students should take advantage of.

“I think it was a great opportunity for the kids to see how the skills they learn will apply outside of school and I think it is fun for kids to learn and be around each other in a setting like that,” said Craig.

This was the first time that students were taken to a career expo. It was an opportunity to educate students on potential career paths they could pursue in the future.