Construction junction

Kaylee Ohlson, Reporter

This year is a groundbreaking year for the high school, for it is undergoing construction of the South building which is being done to remodel parts of the building and add-on to the north side of it. All these additions are being done to accommodate all 2,000 students in one building to eliminate traveling from building to building.

“They are re-constructing the front office, they’re adding rooms, and then they’re putting an addition on the North side of the building,” said Assistant Principal Mark Cook.

Before the construction company even started working on the addition and renewal the district passed a bond saying that they were allowed to build. The school board approved a bid from Crossland Construction Company on June 23, 2016. The preparation stage of this took a whole year to accomplish, but the construction will be done by the beginning of the 2017 school year.

“Well first we had to get the bond passed, and once the bond passed we started making plans. Actually before the bond passed we started making plans, so about one year,” said Cook.

The construction of the South building has sped up since the beginning of the year, and continues to be on-time. But the upcoming winter is said to bring frigid snows and freezing winds. Outside construction will have minimal days to work throughout the winter, but indoors construction is said to continue moving forward.

“Definitely if we get a lot of rain or snow, construction will slow down. But construction inside will stay on schedule,” said Cook.

Though students are glad the construction benefits them in not having to travel anymore, they are not all that excited about all of the noise. Teachers are often interrupted by the constant banging on walls or drilling close to the vents, but are doing well at keeping their cool and finding alternative ways to teach around the noise.

“I’d say when they’re using the power tools then yes, probably. Especially in the rooms next to it. But it’s probably not too much that the students can’t learn,” said Cook.

After construction is over and the high school will be in one building, then the north building will be a second middle school for students who live in Peculiar. When this is final, there will be seven elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The elementary schools will be K-5, middle schools will be 6-8, and high school will be 9-12.

“I feel great about it. It’s needed and I feel we need to get the high school back in one building,” said Cook.

Now that the high school will be in one building, students won’t have to travel which will make passing time shorter and easier to get around. Though the construction of the South building can be tough, the end result will be one joined high school.